Strategic Social Media Best Practices Jewelry E-store Need to Implement

Leverage social media tools easily accessible to enhance customer engagement, add new followers and finally improve your bottom line.

Best practices on social media for increasing ecommerce jewelry business revenu

Define your brand

Focus on your niche and research on competitors that reflects the core of your brand and have a solid social media presence, which you may like to outdo. Find out the kind of post that went viral on social media. This will help to create social media posts that are in synch with your brand.

Update your cover pages

Cover pages on every social media must be freshened every month. Cover pages define the aesthetic of your brand and present the latest jewelry designs.

Share real customer photos

Get real by sharing customer photos wearing your jewelry. For this create customer album, where customers post their photos wearing your pearl necklace or earrings. Even add a unique hashtag, so customers can even use them on Instagram. Real life photos will get more engagement. It will also be more inspirational.

Add social media links

Social media links need to be added on every marketing material like business cards, email signatures, and magazine ads.

Host contests with giveaways

In less than ten seconds people will get excited with the news of giveaways. Choose a gift certificate with an engagement ring or a small trinket on purchase of more than $2999. Make it significant for people to care. Hosting contests increases engagement and attracts extra followers.

Make professional videos

Videos are also powerful marketing tool. Choose an interesting theme and convey a story around your collection line. Make them engaging and informative instead of obvious promotion. Title the videos as well as add descriptions, so that they can be found easily.

Start an Influencer program

Recognize loyal followers and fans. Appoint them as your brand ambassadors. Keep them engaged by offering then exclusive discounts, free products and access to VIP functions. If the influencer is someone local then certainly you brand will get recommended to their friends and family. You can even pay relevant bloggers to represent your brand and thus reach wider.

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