How to intention authentic customers with product sample

One of the quickest ways to get consumer reviews is through product sampling. However, the quality of your thoughts is just as important as their quantity. Let’s delve deeper into the factors that make product sample campaigns successful. Along the process, you’ll discover how to use this information to ensure that your campaigns outperform those of your rivals. One of the methods of product sampling programs is dry sampling.

The Power of Product Sampling

Online users are only sometimes seeking your product when they start a search for it. They could be searching for customer reviews. If there are few positive evaluations for your goods, you’re already falling short of the competition. How can you keep pace? One of the most effective and economical marketing strategies for encouraging good product reviews is product sampling. It functions by applying several psychological concepts to motivate response:


A key component of persuasion highlighted in Robert Cialdini’s book Influence is reciprocity. In one research, waiters and waitresses gave customers free mints along with the bill, according to Cialdini. Customers returned the favor by leaving more extensive tips: 3% more for one minute and 14% more for two.

Social support

Customers have faith in collective wisdom. We are social beings, which is reflected in how we search. We seek other individuals to “prove” a notion before trying it, known as social proof. According to research, connections to user-generated content account for 25% of search engine results for the most prominent organizations.

Outreach and investigation

Before making new purchases, half of those under 50 online consult evaluations, according to Pew Research. These people could only see your item in their investigation if you have product reviews set up. Here’s the problem: Product sampling is a terrific formula for producing these results, as your rivals are also aware of. So how can you use product sampling to outperform your competitors already doing it right?

What Are the Gaps in Standard Product Sampling Campaigns?

The majority of routine product sampling efforts only seek to foster reciprocity. They need to develop a product sampling program that performs like an advanced marketing strategy. What they lack is this:


Word-of-mouth occurs online in the digital age, mainly because so many of us work remotely or engage in social isolation. This is regarded as effective in advertising campaigns by 92% of individuals. Or are you merely hoping that your product sampling program would encourage people to spread the word? Dry sampling is quite prevalent these days.


Avoid sampling your products in a vacuum. Integrating data gathering into your product sampling program would be best. You want user-driven, informative data that can support future product sampling campaigns. That’s precisely what happened in the instance of Vornado, who used Samplrr to capitalize on these findings. Their sampling product programs used the dry sampling method.


Genuine user reviews stimulate critical psychological processes that persuade potential clients that your item is of a high caliber. In the beauty and health business, customer reviews have a more significant impact on purchasing decisions than pricing. Any product sample effort focusing on gathering more thoughts, regardless of their quality, will probably fall short

How to Use Product Sampling More Effectivel

Okay, but how can we implement a great product sampling campaign? You might be asking. If you handle your product sampling program appropriately, you can still generate more real evaluations than other providers, even if you have a small budget. How? Read on.

●   Visual Content Created by Customers

You want more than simply words. Visual material created by customers has an incredible impact. This is particularly true for millennials, who are 20% more influenced by user-generated material than other forms of media. Before making a purchase, 88% of shoppers search for video elements in brand evaluations.

Short version: You can use customer-generated graphic imagery from your product sampling program in social media and marketing initiatives. You’ll be able to build your product’s credibility immediately.

  • Customer-Generated Content is More Trusted

This is an example of social evidence in action: The more user-generated content you employ, the more trustworthy you are to potential clients. You can produce more dependable user-generated content without spending much money if your marketing strategy is successful and lowers your cost-per-click. With a 50% cheaper cost-per-click, ads created from user-generated content can have press and hold rates up to four times higher.

  • The grade of reviews

Want to exceed the competition with your product sampling program? Pay attention to the caliber of your reviews. Product sampling is insufficient; your product sample campaign’s quality is also essential. You can outperform standard product sampling and outdo competitor product sampling initiatives. Dry sampling is a direct product sampling method.

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