How to Keep Your Millennial Employees Happy and Productive

By 2020, millennials will comprise 75% of the workforce. Every company that wants to grow needs to learn how to keep their millennial employees happy. And, this means throwing some traditions out of the window.

Millennials are quite different from their predecessors. Millennials are not looking for managers—millennials are looking for mentors. You must understand who millennials really are if you want to successfully manage an ever-changing workforce.

Improve the Employee Culture

Changing your company culture is the most difficult step, but also the most important one. Your employee culture is key to development. Millennials are not fond of the typical corporate environment.

Scheduled bathroom breaks, rows of gray cubicles, a strict chain of command, etc. are a big no-no. You need to get rid of all of these if you want your millennial employees to be happy. You need to trust them even if they are more for the laissez-faire approach.

Give them more freedom and you can expect better results. Cultivate honest and open communication. Encourage creative input, as well as the movement of ideas and suggestions. And, most importantly, avoid implementing strict rules. All of these things will make you a good employer in the eyes of millennials.

Show Appreciation

Elaborate reward and recognition systems weren’t that common in the corporate world. An occasional bonus was the best a worker could hope for. But, today, employers must recognize and reward good employee behavior if they want to decrease turnover rates.

Don’t just focus on the end results, focus on the behavior as well. Recognize teamwork, cooperation, conflict resolution, etc. Who are you MVPs in these areas? Reward behavior that is in line with your company culture.

Make sure to show them appreciation. Your millennial employees need to know you value them. But, words of praise and thanks are not enough.

Rewards them with great experiences. Employees love team building activities. But, to organize a proper live event your millennial employees will like, you need to find the ideal venue with the right food and beverages. Millennials are really serious about what they eat.

You also need to make sure that the mood is right. To find out more about live event and conference management, you can check the information on this website. Millennials like it when their employers are up to date, even when it comes to event management trends and technology. This brings us to our next item on the list.

Use Modern Tech

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years, a quick reminder that millennials are true digital natives. That doesn’t mean that they are addicted to smartphone apps. It means tech helps them excel.

If you want a productive workforce, you need to start using tools like Slack, Zoom, or Google Apps for Businesses. And, no matter what your niche is, there’s software that can help your employees and your business.

Encourage Diversity and Creativity

When they are in an environment where they can be authentic and express themselves, millennials perform at their highest. Promoting diversity is the best way to achieve that. And, this doesn’t just apply to your workforce. It applies to the way you lead projects, talk with clients, and handle business in general.

Having a workforce comprised of people that come from all sorts of backgrounds is nothing new, for sure. But, millennials are shaped by global influences. These influences permeate their everyday lives. They like seeing their ideas and philosophies in their surroundings.

If you want your employees to stick around for longer, show that you encourage and appreciate diversity. If your company values are in line with their life philosophy, you can expect them to become productive, long-term employees.

Millennials don’t hesitate to leave if their company doesn’t meet their requirements. They’ll keep searching until they find one where they can thrive. Be open to seeing things from a different perspective—their perspective.

Encourage Teamwork

When working on projects, millennials prefer to work with others. Collaboration is a primary driver for millennials seeking employment. They demand real-time teamwork.

Provide them with an energetic, vibrant work environment. Since they grew up on social media, millennials thrive on interaction. And, they expect near-constant teamwork. For instance, this can mean editing a Google Sheet together at the same time.

As their employer, you can try to include them in your decision-making process. Nobody likes to feel like a cog in a wheel that’s just supposed to follow orders. Make them feel like they are an important part of your business.


Now that you know more about millennials, it’s time to stop referring to them as millennials (at least in front of them). Younger generations don’t like labels. And, considering that in five years most employees will be millennials, there’s no need for labels anymore. By focusing on adapting your business to younger generations, you’ll ensure the future of your company.

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