Utilize Internet Marketing Skills To Build Member Only Content Business

Local Hong Kong internet marketers who have acquired their digital marketing, product marketing, or small business marketing experience in the past years through a local Hong Kong SEO company or integrated agency should review their skills. The review would include evaluating whether they may be suitable to start their own online business (that you can monetize on the side) while still working at a day job locally in HK. Check out Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad to know more

The member only content model is a viable online business for HK internet marketers who possess various skills. How do you start? You will need a website that has membership function.  Most of website builders out there offer membership function including Wix, Weebly, WordPress and more. With WordPress, it is even better. It has many plugins free and paid available. Some of those plugins are professionally developed membership and content systems. Through these systems you are capable of hosting content as videos, and have them sold to your members as video courses (i.e. online classes in video format).

Simply launching a website with membership function and paid videos is far from enough when you need to generate revenue. For your business, you must make sure you know where and who your target audience is. For example, you may be selling a video course on daily exercising for fitness. Selling a set of video course is one thing. Another revenue stream approach is to actually make yourself available as a trainer for whoever stays in Hong Kong who can book your time for your training sessions.

On your website, you will most likely need to set up a blog section. On your blog you will write and post about the topics that are related to your training programs. The blog is the bait, and the concept behind the blog must be that the blog should contain the content to attract people to your business, whether it is the online video courses, or the offline training sessions.

Outside your blog and website, you will have to set up one or more communities. Depending on your preference, you may first set up a group on Facebook with your Facebook Fan page. The group is essentially an online community where you should invite people to join. The people you have invited should be people who are interested in the daily exercising tips you are sharing. Make a plan for content creation. The free content may also be in multiple format whether it is in video, blog articles or short sentences. Regularly you will post on your Facebook wall, your Fan page, and your Facebook group. You cannot build Rome in a single month. Be prepared mentally that it is a long shot and you plan for achieving a long term goal through community engagement. After all, there are a lot of local HK based people wandering on Facebook each day. Gradually you may be able to reach many of your target audience.

Do the same on another social site or Q&A site. One such Q&A site is Quora where on most topics you would see different opinions from different people. There is also a sizable Hong Kong people on such Q&A site.

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