Identifying Characteristics of a Tuscan Style Home Business

There is nothing quite like the glory and splendor of Old-World Italy that shine through in a Tuscan-style home. Tuscan construction reflects a blend of modern and classic elements that are rooted heavily in the use of custom-crafted natural stone. Limestone, travertine, and marble take center stage, while terra cotta flooring and roof tiles are utilized to give the home an earthy, antique vibe.

Ceilings and Walls

In Tuscan architecture, refurbished wooden beams are commonly used to frame and highlight the design of its richly-textured ceilings. Vaulted or paneled ceilings are quite popular for a house being built in the Tuscan style as this is true to tradition. Stenciled borders are another touch that may be found wrapped around the ceiling’s perimeter.

If following the true Tuscan tradition, the walls are made from plaster. They may feature hand-painted wall treatments. Warm shades of paint are chosen in an earth tone color palette, reminiscent of the warmth of the sun. If a Tuscan home is what you desire, architectural design services can bring your idea to light.


True Tuscan home décor can be found through the use of Terra Cotta tiles, marble, and ceramic flooring used in various places throughout the home. However, glass, stone, and tile can all be used to create breathtaking mosaic works of art as focal points in the home.

Hardwood flooring in a Tuscan-style home is also a welcomed and completely appropriate material. Its welcoming warmth will create a natural feel you desire, much like the atmosphere of a charming Italian plantation.


When choosing the right accents for your Tuscan-style home, look for rustic elements that are completely unpretentious. Wrought iron sconces and light fixtures are a perfect example of this. In regards to furniture choices, you can go with simple, clean lines or more ornately-carved designs. Dark earth-toned wood is a popular choice, in either case.

When selecting colors of décor for your accents, be inspired by natural hues. Greens are usually muted, such as olive, pear, sage, and dark green. Stone, beige, and cream colors, as well as yellow, gold, sienna, and brick, are often used. If you choose bolder colors, they should be used sparingly.

If you enjoy a look that is steeped in warmth, earthiness, and tradition, a Tuscan-style home is right for you. Simple yet inviting, your home will make you feel as if you stepped into a charming era of long ago.


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