Installing Protective Screens at Workplaces Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Coughing and sneezing are natural phenomena. When somebody sneezes, it is not always because of cold or allergy. But, it is good to always keep one’s self away from the droplets that a person who is coughing or sneezing releases.

The outbreak of the highly contagious Novel coronavirus has made it more important than ever to take all precautionary measures. The main symptoms of coronavirus are fever and mild cough and the virus can easily spread when a person comes in contact with respiratory droplets produced by an infected person’s coughing or sneezing. This is the reason health agencies recommend that people should wear face masks when out in public places. But, another effective solution to prevent the spread of the virus, especially in businesses establishments is the installation of ecran protection Displetech barriers or sneeze guards:

What are Sneeze Guards?

Sneeze guards have been used in many industries for years. They are made to keep food safe and prevent contamination in the food services industry. They are endorsed for being effective at creating a healthy restaurant experience. The FDA has established the mandatory presence of food guards in all states. But, as other industries have recognized the effectiveness of these barriers, they are also installing them in store counters, reception desks, and even offices. These barriers offer solid protection between employees and customers.

Sneeze guards are mainly made of acrylic. Acrylic sheets are known for their strength. Also, they have excellent optical clarity that makes them ideal for creating sneeze guards and other protective barriers in the time of COVID-19. Also, acrylic is flexible and water-proof.

Installation of Sneeze Guards in Workplaces

Sneeze guards have gained immense popularity and are available in places other than restaurants including nail spas, grocery stores, salons, and even in the cabs. The reason is that employees at workplaces are quite vulnerable to exposure when they get in close proximity to hundreds of people. To protect employees, businesses must install acrylic sneeze guards at their stations. These barriers reduce the spread of respiratory droplets between customers and employees. 

The Perfect Shield Size

As protective barriers are installed to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, they should not be too short or too narrow. This makes it important to invest in the proper shield size. The right size depends on how a business uses them and where to place them. 

For the majority of applications, panels that measure 24” to 30” tall is enough. These generally standard sizes are offered by most suppliers. To determine the right panel width, it’s important to measure the width of the area where the panel will be mounted.  For further protection and safety of your office you can contact

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