Things to know before filing a personal injury lawsuit in Pennsylvania

You have sustained injuries in an accident because of someone’s negligence or wrongdoing. What’s next? Before anything else, consider reporting the accident to relevant authorities and seek medical attention. People often make the mistake of ignoring their injuries, only to end up with serious consequences later. Regardless of your situation, consider talking to one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys early in the case. Below are some things worth knowing before filing an injury lawsuit. 

When can you file a personal injury lawsuit?

You could file a personal injury lawsuit if you have sustained injuries due to the other party’s action. This may refer to reckless or negligent behavior, like a driver driving under the influence of alcohol. Personal injuries can result from intentional harm or can be related to product defects or medical malpractice. You might have a case if someone made a defamatory statement against you. 

How long does it take to settle an injury lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

It depends on the facts of the case. Usually, most lawsuits take at least a year or more, based on facts and evidence. If the case is complicated or more than one party is at fault, negotiations can take longer. 

Will the case end up in trial?

Going to court for an injury lawsuit is an expensive option for everyone involved. While most personal injury cases in Pennsylvania are settled outside of court, some cases end up in trial. If that happens with your case, you will need a reliable attorney by your side. 

Should you hire a lawyer for the case?

The short answer is yes. A personal injury lawsuit requires investigation, evidence, and negotiation, and without an attorney, you may end up accepting a smaller settlement. More importantly, your claim may be denied by the other party or the insurance company, or you could end up with an offer that’s nowhere close to what you deserve. Let an attorney evaluate the worth of your claim. 

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?

In Pennsylvania, lawyers usually take contingency fees for accident and injury lawsuits. In such an arrangement, the lawyer will only recover a fee from the client if there is a financial settlement. The fee of the attorney may vary from 25% to 40%. Experienced lawyers normally charge more than others. 

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