Why buys an existing business instead of starting a new one? 

It’s good when you acquire existing goodwill in the form of a marketing advantage and resources (infrastructure, employees), and a customer base for a start. The operating prices of an existing business are likely to be lower than the start-up expense for a new one.

This makes owning an existing business generally less risky as compared to standing up a completely new business from scratch. Additionally, an existing business may have valuable copyrights, trademarks, and parents that would be worthwhile expanding the business.

Once you have identified a particular business that you are eager to buy, the most crucial strategy before getting committed to the decision is due diligence. The due diligence procedure is a sweeping inspection of a business that you might want to acquire. The process generally establishes the target company’s liability and assets as well as analyzes its marketable prospects.

Here’s a checklist of things to look out for in due diligence: 

  • Compliance and good standing 

Firstly, within the same industry, you should talk to other businesses. This would give you a better understanding of the standing of the business you intend to buy. You may find out more about the potential problems and reputation of the target business you desire to buy from any authorized authorities.

  • Financial due diligence 

Secondly, it is advised to request full financial disclosure from the company, so that you can get a complete idea about the current cash flow position. This will surely help you to make an effective business evaluation.

You may require an accountant or a lawyer to assist you in the process. This assistance is not that far away! Within just a few steps, you can hire a specialist team to skillfully incorporate a company for you. Where your business will be expertly driven and the whole management would go professional. For more information, click https://heysara.sg/

  • Assets and liabilities (comprising intellectual properties) 

Third, a good understanding of the assets and liabilities of the target business will help you in the eventual valuation.

For instance, certain concerns might arise like whether the company owns the trade name and trade Mark they are employing under or if the business has specific creation that should be patented.

  • Important contracts 

Fourth, try to have a clear understanding of the current strategies that the company has undertaken to comprehend how the business has attained in the yore. It would also include the presence of key employees, which you may also want to retain. It also includes material contracts with several suppliers.

Another major contract would be a lease contract. This will ensure that the proprietor is inclined to allocate the lease to you.

  • Licenses and permits 

Now you must have inferred the privileges and protocol to buy an existing business in Singapore. Let’s visit the last area to be discovered while acquiring a business in Singapore.

So, lastly, you should find out extra about the regulatory system that the business is operating under. You will need to look out whether the business has all necessary permits and licenses as well as whether there has been compliance with the relevant regulations.

For instance, if the business trades nutritional supplements, then you will have to be ensured that all permits and necessary licenses have been received from the food agency of Singapore.


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