Why Do You Need Exactly: The Payment Processing Company

Buying and selling is nothing like it was in the past. With the onslaught of digitization, everything went digital, and selling something is not an exception. E-commerce has become the norm now, with everyone using it for various needs. But with it, the threat and risk of fraud are also becoming a frequent phenomenon. It has made the payment processing partner a necessity for reliable and secure payment gateways https://exactly.com/.

Many payment processing companies are available in the marketplace, but not just any would be of great help. You need to choose the best for you and your company to grow with your partner in the future.

exactly is the payment system that your business needs. The company offers your business a variety of services, helping it to grow. You can carry your financial operations accurately by the use of a reliable payment gateway. With exactly, you don’t need to worry about anything. It gives you the benefits of streamlined technologies with flexible management and reporting solutions.

Where does “exactly” help you?

The payment processing company helps you in boosting, growing, and managing your business. Here you will have a look at them one-by-one:

The platform boost business sales by:

  • Accepting digital wallets and major cards
  • Global market reach with more than 150 currencies
  • Arrangement of faster payouts in 7 currencies
  • Quick and easy migration between CMS and carts
  • Integrating end-to-end gateway
  • Acceptance of bank transfers

The platform also helps you to grow your business by the use of:

  • Recurring payments

With this kind of payment, the customer experiences a seamless checkout without any interruption. The integration procedure is completed within minutes in a hassle-free manner.

  • Payment links for customer convenience

It is a simple payment method for repeated sales. The buyer side initiates the transaction by clicking on the “buy” button, and the payment is done without recurring authentication. It makes the checkout process shorter.

  • Customizable checkout
  • Smart dunning
  • Easy CRM import and export
  • Prompt payment experience

The third thing that exactly helps you with is effective finance management with:

  • Mass payment performance
  • Easy manual adjustments and fully automated system
  • Low cost of transactions
  • Quick set-ups and payment campaign launch
  • Flexible and intuitive tools for reporting and accounting
  • Easy and seamless cross-border transfers

Complicated payment systems made easy

The complex payment systems can be delivered easily in the following steps:

  • Set-up and launch

Intuitive set-up tools are used to establish the system according to business needs. Then roles like managers, analysts, or owners are identified within the financial team. The scopes for each member are defined clearly.

  • Accountings and track metrics

All the data is accumulated in one place. It gives a detailed look into the business’ finances at any time.

  • Generating reports

By developing detailed reports, actionable insights can be obtained. The vulnerabilities of the business are spotted and the strengths are made stronger. The reports can be optimized for making better decisions.

  • Scaling sales

Your business can expand with 150 other currencies. The business can grow together with the financial team of exactly.

If you also want a reliable financial system for your business, you need to be connected with a business-oriented payment system like “exactly”.

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