Top 4 shopping center architecture design trends to inspire you 

Despite its great effort, the internet hasn’t killed the mall yet. Shopping centers are the usual destination for the hangouts. Besides annual sales or Black Friday deals, the malls are alive due to their innovative and eye-catchy structures. Often integrated into mixed-use buildings that include green spaces, hotels or offices, today’s malls are way much attractive and convenient than traditional shopping centers. Attractive landscaping, eye-catching art installations and materials enhance the latest designs. Let’s tour the most beautiful design trends around the world.

Use design to improve brand awareness

Malls are more than just the shopping centers, as today’s crowd need complete entertainment package, including  arcade games, movie theaters, cafés, restaurants, bowling alleys, etc in one place. In order to stand out, you need to represent something unique that could be unprecedented services or facilities or architecture. Considered as the vast meeting point, the mall should have well-designed atrium to the enjoyment of the shoppers and visitors. No mall is complete without any form of leisure and entertainment. If the space permits, you can also invest in water parks or larger indoor wave pool that grabs the maximum attention.

Expand common area to create more convergence points

Common places should be utilized wisely that attracts people of all ages. Taller and grander common space for walking or standout entrances have become something of a trademark for many mall owners. Investing in more natural light, neutral and lighter color palette gives shoppers a feel of completely different environment. Centralized food courts make the mall more approachable.

Add live/work component

Architects are combining retail with live/work modules to give a purpose to malls. Adding such framework has become another trend in mall resuscitation; this element uses the concept of ‘weaving’ to communicate, while leisure weaves to produce a distinct sense of place.

Don’t count on retail alone to create traffic

Offering consumers with dining options has become an essential key to the success of shopping centers. Though retail is important to generate traffic for many malls, but it isn’t everything. You need to create personalized spaces for children, and soothing environment for leisure and dining. You need to strategize the design and development from performing arts centers to outdoor fire pits, where the retail section becomes more or less supplemental. Artwork has become quite popular design element in malls and commercial architecture.

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